Saturday, May 19, 2012

Madah Tidak Berhelah

*Mengisi masa lapang*

"Sometimes you hate the person till a moment when you even forget and confused on the reasons why you hate them at the first place."

"Stick to your words, to your principles, to your feelings. Don't be like lalang."

"Some things have gone beyond repairable. Some things just need to be buried, once and for all"

"Never degrade your friends as you improve, spiritually or materially, or physically. They are your friends, the ones you stick to in the past time when you are less spiritual, less material and less physical than present."

"Sometimes it just need a gleam of honesty to dilute the stress and problems. Sadly, that's not what's happening"

"Nobody's perfect, but please don't make that as an excuse for all the problems and shortcomings that were caused by yourself. In simpler words, try to cooperate okay"

"Too much love can kill you. Sometimes we care too much, and that too much can hurt someone without we ever thought of it"

And lastly,

This blog has become gloomy, and tension. Mohon sesiapa yang ada idea untuk menyumbangkan idea dan teknik penulisan yang ceria2.

Come on!


PaLi3 said...

refer to bhgn brsuara ttg...asihat tu apa say0?

mmg mengantuk tahap gaban betol la...hohoho

say- O said...

pali sumpah aku tak paham apa yang hang nak kata.

PaLi3 said...

tengok kt bahagian label bawah post la ngek...