Friday, April 20, 2012

Last year?This year? 2011 2012

Tahun lepas, penonton PTU nampak scene ini(1) :

Tahun ini, penonton PTU nampak scene ini(1):

 Tahun lepas, kita ada scene ini(2):
 Tahun ini, kita ada scene ini(2) :

Tahun 2011,kita tangkap gambar ini lepas show:
dan ini ! (2)

Tahun 2012, kita tangkap gambar ini lepas show PTU:
dan ini ~ (2)

Last year we had problems, 
this year we had too,
well, what's the use of friends if they can't 
 solve it with you,
support you or just
 - simply be with you when there's anything troubling you ?
I can't predict the future,
thus I have no idea who will come,who will stay and who will leave,
but I know,
those who once came inside my heart,
shall never leave.
Need to know,
you guys will always be in my heart.
I'll be here, waiting,
 until the day we meet again.
you decide to leave and never come back,
I shall pray to the God :
in the future,
hope that you can have the best of everything
 and no more sadness shall fall upon you my dear,
May Lord Allah answer my prayer.


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