Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Dress

**Before you read through this entry ,I suggest you to PP(play and pause) the youtube video below the post first to let it stream ~~So that you can straight watch it right away afterwards.**

         Personally I really love this song ever since my net friend sent to me months ago.I even hope that some part of the lyrics can made into theatre's script,well,just hope . Just by imagine the story make my heart break apart .Guess I'm too sentimental huh. [T.T]

Wedding Dress by J-Reyez feat Tommy C.My favourite part in the lyrics :

This chapters done,the story goes on...
But if you believe that you belong with him ,
Promise me you won't let anyone hurt you,
I will always be here for you,
Even It kills me to see you in that wedding dress.

Can't really get the image? Well,let watch the original "Wedding Dress" MV sang by TaeYang,who recently won the best male artist in MNet Music Festival.The dancing part may seem a little bit weird~ The korean version's also got a little bit different with the english version lyrics.
I'm not really good on story telling,so I can only share some idea through music,anyway,enjoy !


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