Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Suicide

This is the one that i had long awaited.

ICAF Theatre competition.

This is the chance for us to strike back, to search for glory after what happened during MEFEK.

We had been planning for this competition for quite a long time, and we really meant it. Researches had been done, brainstorming had been through which resulting in our own story, our own piece, or rather been called: masterpiece. The title is "Love Suicide", a bold but deep story that depicting a man living in delusion world after being the victim of a suicidal love.

And so we formed our production team, we picked the actors and actresses and begun the training. It was not as smooth as we wanted.. obstacles exist, nonetheless we still move on. Yes, there were weaknesses, mistakes and carelessness in our production.However, to say that we were a disaster, that was bullshit. Same goes to us. Never self- acclaimed that we are perfect, or better than good because if that ever happened, it means we are such a bunch of rock-headed arrogant kids. Remember that.


The day had came. We were ready, and we delivered our best. We were hoping, praying and dreaming of becoming the champion but God knows better. Instead, He gave us the 2nd place. Dissappointed? Yes. Jealous? Absolutely...

Rewinding back all the memories, all the efforts we had put together.. I can loudly say that I am very proud of us, DOTters. Each and every one of us had played their significant parts. Missing one, this theater will not be the same as we had wanted.

So, be brave, be strong, accept all the comments and suggestions no matter how bitter they may sound. After all..

"What's the purpose of talking about the past when our future is bright?"
-Arif in Love Suicide-


Fatin Mazelan said...

this is my second time for the big event like icaf. of course everyone in dotters know. its ftu.

im not saying icaf is not the best. im also not saying ftu is the best. because what i saw is these two big event have the same mistakes.

what i want to say is im so proud for all of dotters' commitment. that was needed. really2 needed. not like my batch as you can see now. because without all of us, there is no love suicide.

sorry for the broken english. =)

say- O said...

haha, thanks to all the seniors.
if..only if you all had the chance to correct our mistakes in the earlier stage, God knows what will happen..

hazal-san said...

DAMN!! Such good words u use

say- O said...

yang mana?

admin_SRMUKM said...

nice show! all the best in the future! :)

say- O said...

ok, terbaca balik post ni. tak sangka aku boleh tulis macam ni.