Saturday, November 13, 2010

Japanese Musical Theatre

Yo ! Its Holiday.(*.*) ~~ Yeahh~~ First of all,Happy holiday to all of you~

This is my first post here and I’m so SO SO excited bout it ~~ ^^

Tak ada benda-benda yang berat untuk dikongsi seperti yang Abang-abang kakak-kakak DOT post-kan sebelum ini. Hanya nak kongsi satu teater musical yang saya “tonton” sebelum ini,teater kesukaan saya selama ini.*heehe*
Tapi jalan cerita nya adalah berasal dari manga 《Kuroshitsuji 黒执事》 a.k.a Black Butler,jadi saya rasa penonton akan lebih menghayatinya jika memahami jalan cerita asalnya terlebih dahulu.Since all the “free manga online” site had stop posting its manga cuz it have been licensed about year ago..I guess you guys can just watch its anime.For more information can check it out at Wikipedia .

Hardly find it on youtube cuz it will removed due to privacy and license issue.. But it still can be downloaded from many sources such as Bittorent and so on.
For those who reluctant to do the download part.Well then,lets begin the streaming part.
1st episode of Kuroshitsuji’s anime. ^^)
(Ermm,actually I want to embed the full episode here..But due to Infringement,Embed are not allowed..So.Here's the opening song for ya.*hard to find one*.)

Next on?Stream by yourself.There're few links below.*haaha*

Video Mirror(Total of 24 episode in 1st season) :
1- Watchanimeon
3-chia anime[HD]

NOW,the theater part.I’m so sorry cuz I can’t find the full version with eng sub to stream.Even the youtube only have 1st 2 parts with eng sub.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3(unsub)

And follow up without subtitle also.
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
……..Total up there’s 14 parts.Approximately 2 hours.

p/s: I do have the chinese subs’ video but since my translate ability are very sucks,so I gave up to translate it. *haaha XD*Consider those videos in youtube might be removed someday ,download would be better I think.The download part and searching part can seek for those “PRO” in DOT right?The first name I think of – Abg Ismeth .*evil smile*

Well then,ladies and gentlemen,excuse me .


wann afzan said...

thnx for sharing =)

say- O said...

1st post by serdang~!! bagus2!!

wawa said...

musical bleach da tgk?? besh gak.. tarian ramai2 menari last klakar~~~

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

[Kak wann] welcome ^^)/
[Say O'] heehe,bahasa rojak dari saya.XD
[kak wawa]tak tengok lagi,akan tengok suatu hari nanti.lolx.

Saya Arif said...

peh. byk gila video. nseb bek dah kt umah. bole tgk sume skli. bhaha

Anonymous said...

rasanye kt jepun teater atau teater musikal diorg byk psl sejarah n anime...

mcm teater bangsawan la tp versi musikal...

penah tgk 1 je teater musikal jepun...

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

[Arip] x la byk sgt.satu malam boleh habih semo dh..
[Abg Ijan] Is it? anime nie mula2 tgk maybe ada unsur "kegelapan" nice,satu anime yg blh dipikir-pikirkan spt FMA