Monday, November 8, 2010

Script #1 ICAF sc1

I Should’ve Said Sorry, Mommy

Scene 1

Nina, who had just met with an accident, is lying down in her school uniform covered with blood. Blood is coming down her forehead. She stands up slowly and starts to calm herself down. She takes her hair band and ties up her hair. Wanting to look better like how she usually looks like. She wipes the blood on her forehead with a handkerchief taken from her school bag. At first she looks panic, but then when she realizes that she is fine, she feels better.


Nina :

Thank God! Thank God I’m all right. Nina, you’re ok! Phew.. That was close. If Daniel had missed the turning, we would both be dead!

Calm down, Nina, you’re fine. It’s just some scratches, and some blood. If only I could wipe it off. Hmmm.. There you go. Mommy would never have a clue that I met with an accident. Okay, should I just go back home, say sorry and pretend that nothing happened?

But wait, hold on a second. Where’s Daniel? His motorbike is here. Perhaps he has gone to get some help. Should I wait?? Or should I just walk back home?

Oh! Daniel. Where are you? Don’t leave me here alone. Did you see my boyfriend, Daniel? He was here like a few minutes ago. He was supposed to bring me back to his house. We are going to stay together. I have decided that I am not going to stay with my mom anymore. Why should I? She never understands me! I am already SIXTEEN! I need my freedom! I don’t need to hear her lectures everyday. Give me a break!

She never cares! The only thing that she cares about is her work, and keeps saying “Nina, I am doing this for you. So that you would have a better life!” Liar!!

What better life? I have been lonelier than ever. Since daddy left us. Serves her right! Now let her feel how is it to be lonely!

Daddy..hmm..daddy.. I don’t know where is he now. Perhaps he is getting himself sober after the endless jugs of alcohol that he really loves. I know deep in his heart he loves both mommy and me. It’s just that he just can’t control himself.

I think that I better get going. Mommy would be dead worried looking for me. Chiow!


say- O said...

intro cam best. tapi malangnya aku terbaca ending dulu,.,,
lepas ni baca yang 2nd pulak.

wann afzan said...

kn? xde kick kn cite ni?