Monday, November 8, 2010

Script #1 ICAF sc3

Scene 3

Scene starts with sad and melancholic background music to picture how depressed Nina is becoming. The clock strikes at 7pm and yet no one is at home. Nina comes back from school. Feeling tired. Calls for her mom foe a few times but no one answer. Tried to call her mom using her cell phone.

Nina : Hello. Mommy. It’s Nina. Where are you?? I am hungry. It’s already seven. I didn’t even take my lunch this afternoon.

But Mommy..You’ve promised me. You said that you will come back early today.

But Mom…It’s my birthday today. How could you do this to me??

It’s ok mom. Look. I tell you what. Just forget it, ok? Forget that you have ever promised to come back early. Just forget that it’s my birthday today. Forget that I’ve ever called. Just forget that you even have a daughter. Just forget about everything. You don’t care for me. No one cares for me. Just leave me alone.

(Nina takes her school bag and goes out of her house-slamming the door)

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