Monday, November 8, 2010

Script #1 ICAF sc2

Scene 2


Nina comes back in the scene wearing similar school uniform but this time there is no bloodstain on the shirt. Nina just got back from school finding her dad being half drunk and mom crying not far away from him.

Nina : Mommy.. Are you ok?? What happened??

Dad : Shut up! Hey you little brat. Come here you. What do you think you are?? (imitate Nina) “Mommy, are you ok??” Hah!! Come here. Let’s see who can help you.

(Dad hits mom. Nina tried to saved her mom but being pushed away by her dad)

Dad : Hey! What are you trying to do?? You think that you are so strong??

(Dad pulls Nina by her hair)

Nina : me..Mommy….

Dad : I am sick. I am sick of both of you. Remember! NEVER, EVER, question me of where I go or what I do. I am the man of the house. Both of you listen to me. Just shut up and do what I said. understand??

(Both mom and Nina quietly sobbing)

(Dad leaves the house-slamming the door)

Mom : I am sorry Nina. I am so sorry for putting you in this situation. I am so sorry love.

Nina : Why should you apologize to me? You have done nothing wrong. It’s not you, mommy.

Mom : It’s me. I should have given you a good family. I should have protected you. You shouldn’t have to see all that. It’s my fault.

Nina : Stop blaming yourself mommy. I am not a baby anymore. I am a big girl now. I am already sixteen. Don’t worry mommy. Let me protect you. Let me care for you. I promised you mommy. I would never let him hit you again. Never ever. Come mommy. Let’s get some medicine for your bruises.


say- O said...

watak bapak best je. wahahahha!!

say- O said...

watak bapak best je. wahahahha!!

wann afzan said...

nk ke watak tu say o?

say- O said...

x sesuai ngan aku. aku watak penyayang, caring, lemah lembut boleh ah.

wann afzan said...