Monday, November 8, 2010

Script #1 ICAF sc4

Scene 4

Mom Is waiting at the living room. The time is already 12am. Mom is getting more worried. She looks outside the window. Suddenly there is a sound of a motorbike outside the house. Nina comes in. Nina doesn’t say a word. She wants to go straight to her room but her mom is stopping her.

Mom : Hold on there young lady. Where do you think that you are going? Do you know what the time now is?

Nina : As if I care.

Mom : Don’t speak to me like that Nina. I am your mother. Do you know that it’s 12 o’clock now? Do you know that I have been waiting for you for the past 4 hours? Do you know how worried I am? Have you ever think of calling me to inform me where you are?

Nina : Who are you to claim yourself as my mother? Do you ever care for me all these while? Since when do you know how to tell me the time? You had never care what time do I reach home. You yourself had never been home when I came back. Do you have any idea how many hours did I wait for you everyday?

Mom : How could you say that to me Nina? I have been working hard to give you a good life. When your dad left us, I did not have a single cent. He took away all my money. I had to work hard until late at night so that you would have food to eat and books to read. I did it all just for you Nina!

Nina : Come on..just save that crap. You didn’t do all that just for me. You did it for yourself! You came back late every night because you just couldn’t stand to be in this house anymore. This house reminds you of daddy. I remind you of daddy. And guess what? Same goes here! I want to be away from all of this. I want to go far. Very far from here. I want to be free. Free from my life. Free from you.

Mom : I love you Nina. You are always my daughter. You are my life. Please don’t go away Nina. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me alone. I don’t have anything else but you…

Nina : Just let me go! (picks up her cell phone and call Daniel)

Hello. Daniel. It’s me. Can you come back and pick me up now? Can I stay at your place dear? Ok. See you love.

Mom : Nina, are you serious? Nina, please don’t do this to me. Nina..Nina…..

(the sound of motorbike approaching. Daniel comes into the house and pulls her away. Hands her a helmet. Mom pulls Nina’s other hand. She doesn’t want to let her go, and she is crying and begging her not to go)

Nina : I said let me go!

(pushes her mom away, mom fell down and Nina ran away with Daniel)

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